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Nordic Tuning – What is this?

Professional structural grinding on a modern world cup grinding machine, the Tazzari RB23, which is unique in central Europe.

Always the very latest grindings from the guru of the scene - the Swede Lars Svenson

Thermobox treatment after grinding

Together as a Nordic Tuning package – makes your skis faster!

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Since November 2013

New structures which were used at the World Ski Championship 2013. New high pressure cleaning system for the grinding stone – gives a perfect structure to the skis in unprecedented quality.



Johann Olsson (50 km gold medal winner at the World Ski Championship in Fiemme 2013) with the Swedish head technician and the Tazzari RP23 machine



Swedish waxing truck with the Tazzari RP23 machine


Successes of the Tazzari RB23 race grindings, which were used at the 2013 World Ski Championship in Val de Fiemme:


50 km men’s race: Johan Olsson, Sweden

Team sprint women: USA


Team sprint women: Sweden

Team sprint men: Sweden

15 km men: Johan Olsson

Team relay men: Sweden


50 km men: Alexsej Poltoranin, Kazakhstan

Sprint men: Alex Harvey, Canada

August 2011

Since summer 2011, the Tazzari sports department has been the official supplier of the Swedish X-Cross-Ski-team.

The collaboration agreed for four years includes the 2014 Olympic Games in Sotschi. In the next season, the Swedish service technicians are going to work with the Tazzari RP23, which guarantees maximum speed under all competition conditions.

The technicians are in close contact with the head developer of Tazzari, Lars Svenson, in order to test the latest grindings and technologies for the preparation of racing skis. Consequently, the company is further having the possibility to enhance existing technologies.


January 2008

January 20, 2008 - Nordic combined World Cup in Klingenthal. World Cup victory with regard to Nordic combined in Klingenthal by Ronny Ackermann and the second-place winner Eric Frenzel on Nordic Tuning grindings from our company. In very wet conditions, almost all German athletes used skis with the "CD" structure.

November 2007

Worldloppet elite ski runner Thomas Freimuth: sensational overall victory

on nordic tuning grinding in the Kangaroo Hoppet in Australia in August at the start of the World

Loppet series 2007-2008

Further successes include:


1st place Pustertal Valley Ski Marathon

2nd place Dolomitenlauf and Skadi Loppet Skate,

4th place Engadin Ski Marathon


2nd place Pustertal Valley Ski Marathon

1st place König Ludwig Lauf Skate,

1st place Skadi Loppet Skate,

1st place Ridnaun, Ganghofer,

3rd place Lapponia Ski Week Finland

March 2007

19th March Junior World Championship Nordic combined in Tarvisio. Eric Frenzel from the Saxony intensive training centre Klingenthal won the World Championship title on Sport Albert Nordic Tuning grinding CD 02.

January 2007

At the Alps Cup in Saalfelden (Austria) as well as at the World Cup in Predazzo (Italy), the German Nordic combined Frenzel and Rostig were able to occupy positions near the top with Nordic Tuning grinding CD02. Their opinion: "In these unfavourable wet snow conditions, our skis were the fastest!"

October 10

The time has come - commissioning of our new service machines by Lars Svenson.




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