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Welcome to Nordic Tuning the professional ski service of SPORTALBERT Tannenbergsthal

For several years now, we at SPORTALBERT Tannenbergsthal have been dealing with structural grindings for cross-country racing skis and jumping skis. Due to the growing demand, we decided to further extend the issue of preparing the skis, which is becoming increasingly important.

In close collaboration with the specialist in structural grinding – the Swede Lars Svenson (former service man of Bjoern Daehlie and actively working with many other athletes from the Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing World Cup; a summary of his references can be found here) – and the Italian company Tazzari, our new service centre was created in Tannenbergsthal in autumn 2006.

All structural grindings are made by us on the brand-new Tazzari RB23, which is currently used with the ski associations of Norway, Sweden, Finland, USA and Canada concerning downhill skiing as well as in the Nordic sports. The grindings originate from Lars Svenson and proved themselves in World Cups and Olympic Games.

In combination with our thermobox treatment, your skis can be grinded during the season or just before competitions. Consequently, your skis are perfectly prepared.

Nordic Tuning – What is this?

Professional structural grinding on a modern world cup grinding machine, the Tazzari RB23, which is unique in central Europe.

Always the very latest grindings from the guru of the scene - the Swede Lars Svenson

Thermobox treatment after grinding

Together as a Nordic Tuning package – makes your skis faster!

The following points will provide you with useful hints and information on our products.

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